Tesla has been accused of violating environmental regulations in Germany and the United States! Fined nearly 100 million

A few days ago, according to media reports, Tesla's new financial documents show that Tesla is resolving complaints of violations of environmental protection regulations in the United States and Germany. According to previous reports, as Tesla's main car plant in the United States, the Fremont plant has a long history of problems, including fires, faulty cleaning and repairs. Fremont's construction approval shows that in 2020 Tesla will begin to significantly improve its paint equipment. Tesla has rejected the complaint and stated that this issue will not have a significant impact on the company's business. Earlier, Tesla had obtained approval to build a car factory, but not including the battery cell factory. Tesla executives stated at the financial report meeting on April 26 that Tesla expects the Berlin plant to start initial limited production this year and mass production in 2022, and did not disclose how the factory approved adjustments will affect the production date. .