Tesla CEO Musk: 25 Tesla Model S Plaid will be delivered today

On June 11th, according to foreign media reports, the Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event was held at the company's Fremont plant on Thursday night local time. In addition, Musk also added that hundreds of Model S Plaid will be delivered every week soon, and thousands of Model S Plaid will be delivered every week in the next quarter. At the Model S Plaid delivery event, Musk demonstrated the performance of this model, including the ability to accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2 seconds; the top speed is 200 miles per hour; the cruising range is 390 miles; charging It has a range of 187 miles in 15 minutes. On June 6 this year, Musk said that the Model S Plaid is "the fastest production car ever." On the same day, he also said that Tesla canceled the production of Model S Plaid+, this model is no longer necessary, because the Plaid version of Model S performance is already very good.