Telephoto and Macro Coexistence Xiaomi R&D Team Explains MIX FOLD Liquid Camera

Today, Xiaomi released a video showing in detail the introduction of the liquid camera, the second prize winner of the 2021 Xiaomi Annual Technology Award. The lens of the liquid camera is the technology that was first released on the Mi MIX FOLD folding screen last year. It realizes the coexistence of telephoto and macro under the same lens. It is also the industry's first liquid lens camera to achieve mass production. Because the thickness of the mobile phone cannot be made thicker, the size of the solid-state module and the design of the motor stroke are limited. At present, except for the telephoto macro, the macro shooting is generally realized by digital cropping and post-magnification, resulting in resolution. The shortcomings of low rate and poor picture quality. According to the technical team, the liquid camera lens achieves the same 3cm macro imaging under the premise of ensuring high pixels and module size, the image quality of the center field of view is nearly doubled. The mobile phone screen of MIX FOLD can present up to 12.25 times lossless magnification effect.