Technology Empowers Sports 5GBOB Creates the Dream of Sports Power

From the buzzing Premier League broadcast rights change in 2020 to the postponement of the Olympic Games due to the impact of the epidemic, it has become a hot spot of media attention. BOB Sports, which started from sports broadcasting and has been deeply involved in the spread of sports events for many years, is well-versed in the truth and constantly seeks new breakthroughs. In 2014, BOB Group obtained advertising resources such as the live broadcast of Brazil's World Cup matches and the title of "I Love the World Cup" to further expand its expansion in sports events and surrounding areas. By then, on the enhanced mobile broadband 5G network slicing, users can experience smooth and unimpeded live broadcast of ultra-high-definition events. In addition, the current live broadcast camera is controlled by the event operator, and the user can only passively accept the camera switch. BOB Sports is currently boldly trying to deploy a 5G network, so that fans who reach the scene of the event can directly connect to the on-site camera through 5G, independently choose the home team, away team, flying cats and other different perspectives to watch the game, creating a fully upgraded viewing experience.