Technological innovation is endless, OPPO uses patents to escort globalization

As the world's leading smart terminal brand, OPPO also participated this year. This is inseparable from OPPO's meticulous planning for the future over the years and the R&D and innovation of cutting-edge technologies. As of March 31 this year, OPPO's patents have covered more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Among them, the number of global patent authorizations has exceeded 26,000, the number of global patent applications has exceeded 61,000, and the number of invention patent applications has reached more than 54,000, accounting for 89% of all patent applications. This shows OPPO's enthusiasm and determination in patent research and development. . In addition, in the 2021 report on the number of global 5G standard-essential patent claims issued by the research organization IPlytics, OPPO ranks among the top. In the field of imaging, OPPO has applied for more than 8,300 image patents worldwide and has more than 2,900 authorized patents. The globalized technology research and development system can use the PCT patent contract to escort OPPO's further globalization.