Taking photos stronger, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra welcomes the most important camera update since its launch

On April 30, the vice president of Xiaomi Group Chang Cheng announced that the most important camera update since the launch of Xiaomi 11 Pro&Ultra-the DXOMARK algorithm has been upgraded. After the upgrade, the camera focus is more stable, the color reproduction is more accurate, and the ultra-wide-angle anti-distortion changes Excellent etc. In the comparison of the 4 scenes before and after the upgrade of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, we can see that the high light suppression ability in the dark light scene is better, and the video night scene resolution has been improved, and the object smearing in the dark light environment It is smaller, the details are more clear, the telephoto contrast is enhanced, the overall picture is more three-dimensional, the contrast and brightness of the food are appropriately increased, and the color tone is optimized, and the overall performance of the food is more attractive. Xiaomi 11 Ultra Xiaomi believes that camera optimization is a systematic and long-term project. There are tens of thousands of scene changes in different environments, different brightness, different object materials, different colors, different algorithms, and dozens of variables.