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True flagship, dare KO "flagship welding door staff" full speed Ares realme I really GT official declared 2021.02.25 17:03:38 Source: TechWeb.com.cn Author: Suky scan code to share with friends circle var scrolltopstart = 0; function sure(url){ var cname=document.getElementById('weixin_qrcode').className; var weixin_qrcode = document.getElementById('weixin_qrcode'); var qrcodex = document.getElementById('qrcode'); if(cname=='' ){ var qrcode = new QRCode('qrcode', {text: url,width: 128,height: 128,colorDark:'#000000',colorLight:'#ffffff',correctLevel: QRCode.CorrectLevel.H}); qrcodex .style.display ='block'; //Display document.getElementById('weixin_qrcode').className='first'; }else if(cname=='first'){ qrcodex.style.display ='none'; / /Hide document.getElementById('weixin_qrcode').className='second'; }else if(cname=='second'){ qrcodex.style.display ='block'; //show document.getElementById('weixin_qrcode') .className='first';}} function sure1(url){ var qrcodex = document.getElementById('qrcode'); qrcodex.style.display ='none'; //Hide document.getElementById('weixin_qrcode').className ='second';} window.onscro ll = function(){//triggered when the window scrolls var scrollTopnow = $(window).scrollTop(); if(scrollTopnow-scrolltopstart >=400){ var qrcodex = document.getElementById('qrcode'); qrcodex.style .display ='none'; //Hide var roll=document.getElementById('weixin_qrcode').className; if(roll=='first'){ document.getElementById('weixin_qrcode').className='second';} }} Real flagship, dare to KO the "flagship welder", full speed ares realme GT official announcement <2999 every spring is the season for new products from major domestic mobile phone brands, realme will be officially launched on March 4th Young users released its first flagship in 2021—realme GT. This morning, Xu Qi, the vice president of realme, the president of China, and the president of global marketing, announced a surprising decision on Weibo-realme GT flagship mobile phone pricing is less than 2999. The news instantly detonated the topic and attracted many netizens to participate in the discussion. After all, it was officially released today. As the Redmi K40 series equipped with the Snapdragon 888 chip, the official price starts at 2999 yuan (USD $428) . However, the official announcement of the realme GT flagship mobile phone is <2999, which is equivalent to directly selling the price of the Snapdragon 888 mobile phone terminal. At the end to an uninhabited state. Earlier, Redmi released a "flagship doorman" poster, suggesting that the redmi K40 series will become the "doorman" in the 2021 flagship cost-effective mobile phone market. These high-profile propaganda for the majority of friends and merchants seem to have attracted the attention of realme . Before the release of the Redmi K40, realme GT officially announced that it will be sold at less than 2999 yuan (USD $428) , which is obviously an open challenge. Realme obviously knows the truth of "don't take porcelain without diamonds", Xu Qi also added the three advantages of realme GT, which seem to be the hard power to challenge the redmi K40 series: 1. Surging performance: Snapdragon 888 +Full blood version of LPDDR5+UFS3.1; 2. Continuous endurance: may be the "optimal solution" of the current battery life combination; 3. Speed aesthetics: glass + plain leather dual version racing design. It can be seen that this realme GT has made its own killer innovations in performance, battery life and ID design. This also caused netizens to ridicule and feel that the name of the machine is quite connotative-netizens are new to "GT" The solution of "Gang him" indirectly implies that Realme has declared war on redmi, which also makes the gunpowder smell stronger between the two flagships of Realme GT and redmi K40. The redmi K series has always been declared "true flagship, dare to KO". Lu Weibing, the president of Xiaomi Group China and the general manager of the Redmi brand, has also repeatedly emphasized the core value of redmi-cost-effectiveness. But obviously, realme GT, a newcomer to the battle for cost-effective mobile phones in 2021, successfully won the title of the cheapest flagship of Snapdragon 888, equipped with a full-blooded version of LPDDR5 through the real money and silver play with pricing starting from <2999. +UFS3.1, strong performance is born. Conclusion: The starting price of less than 2999 yuan (USD $428) , the perfect combination of speed and passion, as a new player, realme GT, the comprehensive strength is worthy of the title of 2021 cost-effective flagship, the comprehensive performance of the aircraft is expected, we are waiting together 3 Realme GT's grand debut on April 4! You may also be interested: Real flagship, dare to KO “flagship welder”, full-speed Ares Realme Realme GT official announced that 65W+4500mAh becomes the real fragrance combination realme Realme GT can this time Step on the midpoint? See you on March 4! 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Real flagship, dare to KO the "flagship gatekeeper", full speed Ares realme GT official announcement <2999 every spring is the season for the release of new products from major domestic mobile phone brands, realme will…

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