Switch global sales exceed 84 million units or launch a new generation of models by the end of this year

According to relevant media reports, Nintendo today announced the latest financial report data, which shows that as of March 31, 2021, NintendoSwitch has sold 84.59 million units worldwide and software sales of 587.12 million copies. At present, Switch sales have surpassed Nintendo's GBA, and if this sales continues, next year's Switch sales will break the Wii record. However, currently Nintendo has significantly lowered its Switch sales expectations for the next fiscal year. It is a bit confusing to lower its target during the rising period, which means that Nintendo's market deployment will usher in changes. It is reported that the main reason for Nintendo to lower its Switch sales expectations is that new products are coming, because they will launch a new generation of Switch Pro (tentative name) models at the end of this year, and the sales focus will shift accordingly, while the old models Switch will also gradually retreat behind the scenes. According to previous news, the design of Nintendo's new Switch Pro model has been finalized, which will use Samsung's 7-inch OLED display.