Summer is approaching, Sony's Reon Pocket portable air conditioner has actually launched the second generation

According to HYPEBEAST news, the Sony brand's product Reon Pocket wearable air conditioner has ushered in the second generation of products in less than a year. Compared with the previous generation, the performance of the second-generation product has been greatly improved. The heat absorption effect is nearly twice that of the first generation. Reon Pocket 2 can directly absorb heat from the skin through the stainless steel contact pad. The sweat effect is no problem even with some light exercises. Reon Pocket 2 has two modes of Warm and Cold. After being fully charged, it can be used continuously for up to 20 hours in the Cold mode of level 1, and 3 hours at the highest level. The Warm mode can be used for level one and level four respectively. With a battery life of 20 and 10 hours, the battery life has been greatly improved compared to the previous generation. This time Sony has also jointly launched clothing compatible with Reon Pocket 2 with major fashion brands.