Sugon Plain +65W flash charging, the real GT Neo flash version is the most preferred at the price of 2,000 yuan (USD $286)

The college entrance examination has just ended, and another major event is about to usher in the mid-618 carnival. Moreover, for the student party, game performance should be the first factor they refer to when buying a mobile phone, and the second is battery life. Based on these factors, if you choose the most suitable one in the 2000 yuan (USD $286) price range, the realme GT Neo flash version may have the most say. As a dark horse manufacturer in the first half of this year, Realme's performance is very eye-catching. Its new Realme GT series has achieved excellent reputation and sales. This series of models includes Realme GT, Realme GT Neo and the latest launch. Real Me GT Neo Flash Edition. Another upgrade of the Real Self GT Neo Flash Edition comes from the appearance design, which introduces the "Dawn" plain leather color scheme, and the back uses a black and yellow splicing process, presenting a full sense of game technology. Moreover, compared with models of the same price, the real GT Neo Flash Edition has advantages in terms of hand feel and charging.