StarBook Mk V notebook released, pre-installed Linux system

The StarBook Mk V notebook, which can be pre-installed with a Linux system, was released recently. The CPU uses Intel's 11th-generation Core processor with a built-in Iris Xe core display. The memory has a frequency of 3200MHz and can be optionally configured up to 64GB. The screen is a 14-inch 1080P resolution IPS matte display, which prevents glare through an anti-reflective coating. The storage uses its own Star Drive solid state hard drive, with a continuous read speed of up to 6850MB/s. StarBook Mk V supports three USB-A, one USB-C, HDMI interface, 3.5mm headset interface and Micro-SD card slot, with good scalability. The most worth mentioning is that StarBook Mk V can be pre-installed with various high-quality Linux systems, such as Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Manjaro, etc., of course, if you like, you can still install it back to the Windows 10 system. The price of this notebook starts at US$929, which is equivalent to RMB 6013. It is now available for purchase. If you like digital technology information, remember to click to subscribe.