Sell a car but not build a car? What does Huawei map? !

Huawei's appeal is really strong. Even if its teammates are not the top players in the industry, Huawei can also assist them as traffic stars. This is true for the technical cooperation with Jihu, and even more so for directly helping Cyrus sell cars. At least, the public relations calibre has always been "Huawei does not build cars." Judging from this route, Huawei is willing to be a solution provider. Huawei's ability to carry goods is evident! Huawei and cars have no business relationship. Why are they so entangled now? From the perspective of motivation, Huawei was forced to transform. We must know that Huawei has more than 5,000 high-end experience stores in China, covering almost every city, and even more than 6,000 retail and service outlets. If there is any infringement, the infringer will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.