Self-breakthrough in folding form: a new generation of folding flagship Huawei Mate X2 unveiled

On the evening of February 22, Huawei held a new product launch conference and officially released a new generation of folding screen flagship Huawei Mate X2. Huawei Mate X2 has undergone a comprehensive improvement in form, from the original single-screen external folding to the current immersive dual-screen internal folding design. In order to further reduce the creases generated when the device is folded, Huawei Mate X2 uses a double-rotating water drop hinge made of Haoji liquid metal, which not only reduces the weight of the hinge parts by 75%, but also makes the device more tightly folded when folded. The screen flatness has been increased by 40%.

Huawei cleverly adopted a dual-wedge-shaped body on the Huawei Mate X2, and the original center of gravity offset design, allowing users to easily hold the device with one hand when the device is unfolded. It is worth mentioning that the dual-wedge-shaped integrated design allows Huawei Mate X2 to maintain the same thickness on the left and right sides when folded. Officials call it the "new height of balanced aesthetics." On the track of folding screens, Huawei has spared no effort in self-exploration and breakthroughs.