Seize the "commanding heights" of the European market, Chinese new energy car companies accelerate overseas exports

As the first step to enter markets outside of China, NIO announced the "Norwegian Strategy" on May 6. The first model ES8 will be delivered in September, and ET7 will officially enter the Norwegian market next year. In addition, BYD delivered the first batch of 100 BYD Don EVs to the Norwegian market in May, and SAIC R cars and Hongqi also plan to introduce their new energy models to overseas markets. "Entering overseas markets and participating in global competition is an important criterion for testing whether an automobile brand is internationalized." The entry of various Chinese brands overseas also reflects the strength and confidence of China's new energy models. "" The growth rate of domestically produced new energy vehicles is expected to reach 100% this year. "In Cui Dongshu's view, the world's new energy vehicles have entered a period of accelerated growth, and the pure electric trend is the most obvious." No changes have been found so far. "Comprehensively strengthening the domestic market segments and superimposing the increase in exports, the Passenger Association recently raised the forecasted sales of new energy passenger vehicles this year to 2.4 million.