Samsung plans to expose new folding screens next year: there are four models, released in the second half of the year

Samsung has launched a number of folding screen mobile phones this year. With the end of 2020, Samsung's plans for next year have also been exposed. According to the latest report from South Korean media ET News, Samsung plans to launch four new folding screens in 2021. Although the media did not report on the configuration and functional differences of the four phones, it revealed that the two Galaxy Z Flips will have "different performance and functions." It is worth mentioning that Samsung was originally rumored to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Fold Lite and Galaxy Z Flip 2 three folding screens. Korean media ET News also said that Samsung is developing a scroll phone, but it said that this is not part of Samsung's business plan in 2021. As for the release time of the four Samsung folding screen phones, ET News stated that Samsung plans to release it in the second half of next year, so it is impossible for a new folding screen to appear at the Galaxy S21 series conference early next year.