Real Fragrance Live: Meizu's "Safe Mobile Phone Festival" Participated Over 500,000 Users

Yesterday, Meizu revealed on the official microblog that it will launch the iPhone 12 Pro series "as safe as the Meizu 18 series" today, which aroused widespread discussion among netizens. This morning, Meizu officially opened the "Meizu Secure Mobile Phone Festival" and announced the relevant details of the event. As of 15:30, the official said that the event has more than 500,000 participating users, and the event will be open until the 19th. The "Meizu Secure Mobile Phone Festival" event launched by Meizu Technology requires users to participate in safe answers on the official website. If you answer 3 questions correctly, you will be eligible to participate in the event. The price of iPhone 12 Pro is only 4399 yuan (USD $628) , and the price of iPhone 12 Pro is 4999 yuan (USD $714) , which is equivalent to half price. Meiyou who successfully obtained the coupon can also choose to purchase the Meizu 18 series, starting at only 299 yuan (USD $43) . This time, Meizu's "Safe Mobile Phone Festival" activity is more about promoting its own brand, and aligning the product features of the Meizu 18 series of safe and pure systems with Apple.