President of Xiaomi's mobile phone department after winning No. 1 in DXO: to be a continuous leader in the field of mobile phone imaging

In just a few years, the imaging capabilities of Xiaomi mobile phones have jumped to the world's top echelon of fuselages. The newly released super big cup Xiaomi 11 Ultra ranked first in the DXOMark rankings with a score of 143. At the Xiaomi Video Tasting Conference held this afternoon, Zeng Xuezhong, the president of Xiaomi's mobile phone department, said that the future goal of Xiaomi Camera is to be a continuous leader in the field of mobile phone imaging, creating more possibilities and impossibility. The vision of Mi Camera is the world's number one imaging experience. Zeng Xuezhong revealed that Xiaomi Camera currently has 10 R&D centers and a team of more than 1,000 engineers. In the evaluation of Xiaomi 11 Ultra, DXOMark said that the score speaks for itself. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has set a new high score in the photo and video projects, and the score of the zoom project is also quite close to the first place, making it an excellent mobile phone in all aspects of photography, and it is enough to recommend to all mobile phone image creators. .