Poor obstacle avoidance + dirty cleaning? The Roborock sweeping and dragging robot T7S series all solve it for you

Recently, the "2021 White Paper on Robot Vacuums" was published, and its content showed that many products on the market generally have problems such as poor obstacle avoidance and unclean cleaning. Therefore, an easy-to-use, or qualified, sweeping robot, in addition to obstacle avoidance and cleaning capabilities, should also be convenient for users to clean it. The first is cleaning. Here we take T7S Plus as an example. The Roborock sweeping and mopping robot T7S Plus also provides an automatic lifting and wiping module for carpets, which are difficult to clean. Before hitting the carpet, the Stone T7S Plus can be identified by a separate ultrasonic carpet recognition sensor, and the response plan can be initiated one step earlier. Through the above characteristics, the Roborock T7S series robot sweeping and dragging robot can be said to be a perfect solution to several major pain points of the current sweeping robot. Among them, the price of T7 Plus during the Tmall platform event is only 2799 yuan (USD $400) , and it will be shipped before May 15.