"Plate dark horse" Lenovo once again hit 618, Juhui appeared on JD Brand Day!

On June 11, the annual "618 Shopping Carnival" became more and more intense. Lenovo's tablet PC continued to exert its strength in the 618 Lenovo brand on JD.com and achieved unexpected growth! Only on the first day of the "618" promotion, Lenovo's tablet PC won the first place in the sales and sales of the tablet PC Android market on the JD Computer Digital Competition List. This year's 618 Lenovo Tablet PC record showed a geometric explosive growth, from last year's little-known to this year's first surpass. As the revenue continues to grow, it proves the strong appeal of Lenovo's tablet products. During the 618 period, Lenovo concentrated on unveiling a number of new tablet products. Xiaoxin Pad Plus brings a new white body based on Xiaoxin Pad, and the processor is upgraded to a very capable Snapdragon 750G.