Pay attention to every detail of the office Dell launches SafeShutter smart security camera

In the past year, people have become accustomed to using online video conferences for work. This has become the starting point for Dell to improve its camera technology. Currently, the SafeShutter smart security camera has been equipped with the new Latitude 9420 and 9520 commercial notebooks. The SafeShutter smart security camera can be turned on and off automatically in synchronization with the video conferencing software. In order to give users more peace of mind, Dell also designed a privacy LED reminder light. When the camera is turned on, this reminder light is on. Together with the keyboard indicator light, it reminds the user whether the camera and microphone are on or off. Within Dell, the team has divided the work and worked together to make it more convenient for users to access video conferences and to better protect user privacy and security. But I believe that with the blessing of Dell's smart security camera, you will still be able to control the situation confidently and safely.