OPPO is about to enter the notebook computer market! Official suspected confirmation

In recent years, the competition of major mobile phone manufacturers is not limited to the mobile phone field, but has expanded to the entire smart ecosystem. , @数码闲聊站 broke the news that Ouga has also entered the notebook market, and the possibility of launching a tablet computer is not ruled out in the future. OPPO's official IoT account @OPPO智美生活 also posted a message at the bottom of the Weibo, which seemed to imply the authenticity of the message. Looking back at the time when Huawei and Xiaomi just entered the notebook computer in the past few years, they both brought considerable surprises to the market with their unique designs. This time another mobile phone manufacturer is about to enter the game, and people are very looking forward to it being the PC industry. What kind of new vitality it brings.