OPPO Find X3 Pro won the Q1 mobile phone smooth list champion

Recently, the well-known scoring software Master Lu released the 2021 Q1 quarterly report. In terms of system fluency that most users care about most, OPPO Find X3 Pro won the mobile phone fluency list. And the reason why it can have such a good performance, in addition to the performance blessing of the Snapdragon 888 flagship platform, its ColorOS 11 system is also indispensable in software optimization. The ColorOS 11.2 pre-installed in OPPO Find X3 Pro has continued to optimize the underlying scheduling, algorithms and animations, which further improves system performance. And in addition to better fluency, ColorOS 11.2 also brings many practical functions such as fingerprint quick start, free translation, car-machine interconnection, privacy protection, etc. The system experience can be said to be very good, and it has also won many users and reviews. The praise of the institution.