OnePlus Watch new theme dial on shelves: bring you back childhood memories

As a newcomer to the smartwatch game this year, OnePlus Watch left us with a good impression. In order to further enrich the user's choice, while allowing OnePlus Watch to match the style of more users, the official recently launched two watch faces for child users, namely "TiaoTiaoGou" and "Exclusive Memories". Among them, “Tiao Tiao Dog” not only efficiently integrates information such as time, exercise status, calorie consumption, heart rate, weather, and sleep, etc., so that users can learn almost all the information by raising their wrists. Whether it is a child user or a busy young man in the city, I believe this "wanzai" can add some interesting colors to your life. It can be said that this is an effective display of the higher refresh rate screen of OnePlus Watch, and it also gives the dial an interactive attribute. OnePlus 9 starts at 3599 yuan (USD $514) , and OnePlus 9 Pro starts at 4799 yuan (USD $686) . Combined with OnePlus Watch, it will definitely bring you a more efficient and convenient smart experience.