Nokia C20 Plus Review: Intimate design dedicated to bringing a minimalist operating experience

On June 11, Nokia held a new product launch conference and officially launched the new Nokia C20 Plus mobile phone. According to the official information, this mobile phone is specially designed for the elderly. It uses large fonts, large volume, and dual rear cameras. The camera, featuring a new minimalist mode. In addition, Nokia C20 Plus is equipped with 1217 high-volume independent speakers that are rare at the same price. The large sound cavity of 17mm long and 12mm wide with pocket ring mode can automatically increase the volume without missing every call. Charging safety also cannot be ignored. According to the official introduction, the mobile phone has passed multiple tests such as extreme high and low temperature charging, thermal shock and external short circuit in the laboratory to ensure that Nokia C20 Plus has a safe and stable charging experience at all times. Of course, it makes sense for this machine. In terms of battery life, when used with a battery box, the headset can achieve up to 36 hours of lasting battery life. The newly released Nokia C20 Plus does this well.