NIO enters Norway, domestic ID.3, Mitsubishi exits Southeast

NIO is different from other Chinese car companies going overseas for non-mainstream low-end markets. With no experience in mainstream markets such as Europe and the United States, it is very challenging for NIO, which has an average price of 420,000 yuan (USD $60000) in China. Recently, Southeast Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. has undergone a shareholding change. The original 25% shareholder: Mitsubishi Motors Co., Ltd. withdrew, and the new shareholder Fuzhou Transportation Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. took over. Although Southeast Motor's sales reached 116,000 in 2013, it became the highest point in history. With the shrinking of Mitsubishi Motors in the global market, Southeast Motor has also lost its former Honor in the past few years. Until last year, the cumulative sales of Southeast Motor were only 14,654. Recently, Citroen launched an extended model of Ami, My Ami Cargo, as an electric minivan.