Ningde Times invests in AICHI or will jointly develop batteries

In response to the above news, CATL declined to comment. Prior to this, CATL was the battery supplier of AIWAYS. Most of AIWAYs' models on sale, including those sold overseas, are equipped with batteries provided by CATL. AIWAY's latest product U6 has been confirmed to be equipped with CATL's CTP batteries. The cruising range can reach 650km. According to reports, AIWAYS has two other models under development, and has integrated sandwich structure battery packs, refined battery management systems and other technologies. We speculate that this may become a cooperation project between AIWAYS and CATL. At present, there is a gap between AIWAYS's overall development and its leading partners. According to sources, after the investment of CATL is in place, AIWAYS is likely to complete this round of financing. This may play a positive role in the subsequent product development, sales and even launch of AIWAYS.