News says Tesla will delay delivery of new Model S and Model X

News on April 8th: Foreign media ELECTREK reported that owners who have recently ordered the new Tesla Model S and Model X have received information that their scheduled vehicle delivery time has been delayed. April was postponed to May and June. Musk said in an email sent to Tesla employees at the end of February this year that Tesla "almost completed" the reorganization of the Model S and Model X production lines and is expected to achieve full production in the second quarter. The ModelS/X production line has basically completed the transformation, and will achieve maximum output in the next quarter. But now the owner's scheduled delivery time has been delayed, and Tesla officials have not given a specific reason for the time being. Now these two models are only produced and assembled at the Tesla factory in the United States. The new Tesla Model S and Model X have been officially announced earlier. In addition to the appearance changes, their interiors have also changed dramatically. Among them, the irregular design is selected on the steering wheel to replace the traditional round shape. steering wheel.