New energy sales announced in May, Hongguang MINIEV won the championship, and Tesla Model Y broke the 10,000-unit mark

Recently, the Travel Association announced the sales of new energy in May 2021. In May, Hongguang MINIEV also easily won the single-month sales of new energy, successfully reaching the top with 29,706 vehicles. In May, the sales of Tesla Model Y ushered in a skyrocketing month-on-month, reaching 12,728 vehicles. It can be seen that the impact of Tesla's negative news on it has gradually weakened. However, compared to sales in the same period, Model 3 is still in a declining state. The subsidized national unified retail price is 328,000 yuan (USD $46857) . Xiaopeng P7 also successfully obtained admission tickets to the new energy list in May, with sales of 3,797 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of an astonishing 1877.6%. Judging from the sales volume in May, Hongguang MINIEV is still the sweet pastry in the new energy market and once again won the top sales. At the same time, Tesla Model Y and Model 3 gradually got rid of the influence of the "Tesla incident", and sales have rebounded substantially. Among them, Model 3 sales may exceed 10,000 in June.