Musk responded to “tax evasion'' questions, Polestar held a “hackathon'' contest

Only when Tesla reaches delivery targets, achieves a certain profitability, or reaches other company growth targets, Musk will receive stock option rewards. The Polestar Hackathon was initiated by Polestar and jointly organized by Huawei and iFlytek. The online registration will be officially opened on June 21. After being reviewed by the instructor, 15 groups or individual creators were selected for the final offline finals. In August, the finalists will complete the final design and development of their creative ideas in a closed venue with a limited time of 2 days and compete for the first Polestar Hackathon Award. The winning group of the first prize of this competition will each get a Polestar 2 car, and the winning works will have the opportunity to be used in the future Polestar car-machine system. The China Passenger Transport Association announced the ranking list of new energy vehicle sales in May. In May, the wholesale sales of new energy passenger vehicles reached 196,000, an increase of 6.7% from the previous month and a year-on-year increase of 174.2%. Sales of high-end electric vehicles grew strongly in May, while the low-end and mid-range sales tended to be weak.