More details of Apple headphones are exposed: including two of the most expensive or up to 5,000 yuan (USD $714)

According to foreign media reports, the sudden outbreak may continue to delay Apple's full-enclosed headsets, but this product is basically ready. According to people familiar with the matter, Apple is currently developing at least two head-mounted wireless headphones, including a high-end version with leather-like fabrics, and a model focused on fitness, the latter using lightweight, breathable materials with small holes . The prototype of this headset uses a retro-style design, the oval ear cups can be rotated, and the headband is connected by a slender metal arm. People familiar with the matter also said that the metal arm is located on the top of the ear cup, not on the side. For the aforementioned new earphones, Apple may set the price of the new earphones at around US$350, which is approximately RMB 2500, and the more expensive version is expected to be around RMB 5,000. From the picture, this should be Apple's headphones.