Millet and Didi make cars and NetEase: we don't build, we need to be down-to-earth

Recently, many Internet companies have begun to enter the automobile industry. Xiaomi has announced that it will invest 10 billion US dollars to build cars within 10 years, and Didi has also announced plans to build cars. Among other Internet companies, there have been rumors that NetEase is also preparing to build cars, but officials have denied that NetEase's Yanxuan CEO Liang Jun responded to the car rumors and said that NetEase will definitely not build cars. Liang Jun said that building a car is not what NetEase has to do. NetEase has always been a down-to-earth company, knowing what it is good at. In addition, NetEase today announced a donation of 66 million RMB to the "Beijing Qiu Chengtong Science Foundation" initiated by the well-known mathematician Qiu Chengtong, to support national mathematical research and talent development. Qiu Chengtong is the first Chinese winner of the "Fields Medal", the highest international mathematics award. Currently, Qiu Chengtong is the director of the Qiu Chengtong Center for Mathematical Sciences of Tsinghua University.