Mi Notebook Pro is officially released: top screen! From 5299 yuan (USD $757)

On March 30, Xiaomi released the Mi Notebook Pro 14 and 15 notebooks, which are equipped with the 11th generation Core H35 processor, MX450 graphics card, and the best Xiaomi notebook screen in history. The fuselage is made of CNC integrated precision carving. The Mi Notebook Pro series supports Xiao Ai and MIUI+, which can better complete multi-screen collaborative work with mobile phones. The Mi Notebook Pro 15 has 3 versions, the i5+16+512 set display version is priced at 6499 yuan (USD $928) , the i5 single display version is 6999 yuan (USD $1000) , and the i7 single display version is 7999 yuan (USD $1143) . For users who are looking for portability, the Mi Notebook Pro 14 is also launched. The difference between it and the Mi Notebook Pro 15 is only the screen, which uses a 2.5K 120Hz LCD screen. Both notebooks will go on sale in all channels on May 1. In addition, the press conference also announced that the Ryzen version of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15 will be available in May.