Mi 11 DXOMARK camera score is only 120 points: zoom down the total score

Recently, DXOMARK officially announced the camera score of Xiaomi Mi 11. This machine ranked 22nd on the list with a score of only 120 points, which is roughly the same as Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra/Note 20 Ultra, Redmi K30 Pro and other models. quite. It can be seen that, compared with other models in the Mi 11 series, the advantage of Mi 11 is not in terms of images, but the balance of various experiences is more prominent. After evaluation, DXOMARK Xiaomi 11 achieved the best results in the photo texture test. The photos are strong, but the zoom score is slightly low, so that the total score is not high. However, the video performance of Xiaomi Mi 11 is very good, it can shoot rich details, good dynamic range, and not much noise. Soon after the release of Mi 11Ultra, this mobile phone refreshed the DXOMARK camera list, ranking first with a total score of 143, and won the triple crowns for photography, wide-angle, and video.