Meizu Mall to buy iPhone 12 Pro only 4399 yuan (USD $628) ? Netizens are screaming that they are crazy

This morning, Meizu issued an announcement in the official store, announcing the official opening of the Meizu Mobile Phone Safety Festival. You can buy the iPhone 12 Pro series starting at only 4399 yuan (USD $628) . The Meizu 18 series also has 12 interest-free and free POP2s headphones. During the three-day event from April 16 to April 19, you need to participate in the safety answering activity on Meizu's official website. If you answer the three questions correctly, you will be eligible. At 20:00 in the evening, you will grab huge coupons with face value of 4100 yuan (USD $586) and 4300 yuan (USD $614) . After successfully answering the question, a coupon of 100 minus 50 will be presented, which can be used to purchase any goods in Meizu Mall. In fact, Meizu's move is to a greater extent to help promote its own brand. The security features of the “three no mobile phones” can indeed be comparable to those of major mobile phone manufacturers that attach importance to privacy like Apple. At the same time, it also provides benefits for consumers. Those who bought the iPhone 12 Pro series at a super bargain price shouldn't miss the 20:00 panic buying for three consecutive days. If you like digital technology information, remember to click to subscribe.