May Day benefits! Tesla: Open all overcharge stations for free during May 1st

It is reported that Tesla decided to launch a series of "exclusive benefits" for car owners from May 1. Benefits include 45 days of "enhanced automatic assisted driving" experience activities, a nationally unified 25% discount for air-conditioning filter replacement, and free use of super charging stations during the May 1st holiday. According to reports, the "45-day free EAP use right" rights are for all users who have not purchased EAP or FSD and whose hardware meets the requirements. In addition, users who pick up the car before June 30, 2021 can also enjoy the rights. Moreover, in order to ensure that users can have the right to use EAP on the day of the holiday on May 1, this data push is expected to start on April 30. If the user is enjoying the EAP trial rights, Tesla will accumulatively extend the trial time by 45 days on the basis of the current trial deadline.