Master Lu's March new machine smooth list: "Android Light" Xiaomi 11 Ultra wins

The scores displayed on the list are evenly divided by Master Lu's data center, which has been verified in the background of Master Lu. Some models cannot be verified without the network running score, and will not be included. The new version of Huawei Mate40 RS, ranked second, remains the same except for the new version of storage capacity. Realme GT and OnePlus 9 Pro are also the models with higher fluency among the new machines in March. The official said Realme UI 2.0 will bring a comprehensive improvement in system performance. Compared with the old version, the system resource utilization rate has increased by 45%, the system response speed has increased by 32%, and the frame rate stability has increased by 17%. It has a highly DIY visual design. . In terms of mid-range models, it is led by Xiaomi Mi 11 Youth Edition, Black Shark 4, and iQOO Neo5. The OnePlus 9 series does not use its own hydrogen OS at the factory, but is equipped with the ColorOS 11 operating system. Facts have proved that OnePlus' decision is right. For OnePlus, it can also effectively reduce R&D and maintenance costs.