Master Lu announced Q1's smoothest mobile phone and smoothest UI system, OPPO became the biggest winner

The biggest winners all came from OPPO. OPPO Find X3 Pro won the Q1 mobile phone smooth list champion, and the ColorOS system on OPPO mobile phones won the Q1 smoothest UI list champion. It is worth mentioning that Master Lu also officially revealed that the second place on the two lists is realme's mobile phones, and they are also equipped with the ColorOS system. In fact, it is not surprising that Find X3 Pro and ColorOS can win the Q1 championship. The Find X3 series is equipped with a ColorOS 11.2 UI that is deeply customized based on Android 11. It has a lightweight, simple and elegant design style, which also brings users A smooth system experience. ColorOS 11.2 also supports full-screen translation, flashing window, Breeno screen recognition, AI ID photo and other functions. It has done a good job in software interaction, and has further improved the efficiency of OPPO users in software operations. It is no wonder that the Find X3 series It will be so popular after listing.