Lu Kewen is a fellow of the pulse of the times, witnessing the progress of China's intelligent manufacturing

Click on the border to call up the video toolbar. Luke Wen, a member of the Han Tang Elite Club, a well-known current affairs commentator. Domestic phenomenon-level self-media masterpieces: "The Revenge of Moon Jae-in", "The Past in Mexico", "Thirty Years of Chinese Industry" and other Luke Wen joined Han Tang Elite Club In November 2020, well-known current affairs commentator Lu Kewen became the owner of BYD Han DM and a member of Han Tang Elite Club.

When handing over the car, he said: "BYD is the pride of China's independent brand, and I feel more proud of driving a high-end Chinese car. It's my honor to be a BYD owner. For example, for Lukewen, choosing Han is a reinvention of a national enterprise. The best testimony of moving forward is to enter the world of Lu Kewen's gentleman, walk with the times and pass on the flourish of Han and Tang Dynasties