"Light" industrial technology leads the industry trend, and the star diamond design makes the Reno5 series dazzling

On the evening of December 10, OPPO officially released the new Reno5 series. The new machine continues the excellent genes of the Reno series, focusing on portrait video. The FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system brings AI radiant video beauty, AI video enhancement, video super anti-shake 3.0 and other functions. It can still remain thin and light even when a large battery is inserted, thanks to the "light" industrial technology developed by OPPO for the Reno5 series. The original 1115 speaker unit is the smallest speaker in the industry, and its volume is reduced by 14% compared to the previous generation. Reno5 not only has a thin and light body, as a fashion master in the mobile phone industry, OPPO has also introduced a new star diamond technology for it. The ability to achieve such a high level of mobile phone design is inseparable from OPPO's continuous investment in technology. In terms of price, the Reno5 series will be officially launched on December 18th. Among them, the Reno5 starts at only 2699 yuan (USD $386) , and the Reno5 Pro starts at only 3399 yuan (USD $486) . Huantai Mall has a maximum subsidy of 1,500 yuan (USD $214) for trade-in. OPPO silver card and above users can also receive an additional half-year of Huantai United Gold Membership.