Lenovo YOGA tablet warm-up: can also serve as a Switch portable display

This morning, Lenovo YOGA's official Weibo released a new round of warm-up, indicating that the new tablet can not only support video input, but also can be used as an external screen for the Switch. From the picture, it should be after the Switch host is inserted into the base, and then connected to the YOGA tablet, which means that the latter only plays the role of HDMI IN. But I also hope that this base is for aesthetics, and the YOGA tablet can directly realize the functions of power supply and video input through USB Type-C. In the revelations a few days ago, we can also see that the YOGA tablet can be paired with a stylus to become a canvas in the hands of users. In addition, the body bracket can also be equipped with a hook, allowing the YOGA tablet to be hung on the wall and other places, instantly transforming into a cooking assistant, a drama-chasing artifact and other equipment. On the whole, according to the news in recent days, the playability of the new YOGA tablet should still be very good, and it should be possible to avoid the fate of becoming an iQiyi exclusive machine after purchase.