Lenovo savior R9000P is too hot! Third-party store prices soared

The most popular game book these days is the Lenovo savior R9000P. When the official flagship store first launched two days ago, no seconds! Consumers who want to buy really have to work hard! I went to the JD third-party store to check it out. Actually, the spot is available, but the price has already been up. 9699 yuan (USD $1386) to buy Ryzen 7 with RTX3060 configuration, although it is a lot more expensive than the official starting price, but looking at the entire game market, the price is actually acceptable. After all, it costs 6,000 to 7,000 yuan (USD $1000) to buy an RTX3060 graphics card in the DIY Zhanji market. Lenovo's official flagship store does not currently have the next wave of pre-sale information for the savior R9000P. The more high-end savior R9000K will start a new wave of pre-sales. It will be officially released on April 12th. Players who like it can try it out and grab it. The current mining tide has severely affected the notebook market, and mass consumers need to be psychologically prepared to increase prices. No way, this is the status quo of the market!