Join hands with Dunhuang Museum Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage T2 to release from 999 yuan (USD $143)

On the evening of April 28th, Lenovo and Dunhuang Museum officially held the "All-Inclusive, Exquisitely Ancient and Modern" Wonderful Encounter Night. In the night of this wonderful adventure, Lenovo officially released the personal cloud storage T2. In addition to the standard personal cloud storage T2, Lenovo also brought the Dunhuang Museum co-branded model this time. The three co-branded products are named: Lewu Feitian, Nine Color God Deer, and Rebound Pipa. He said that Dunhuang has a profound culture and a long history. It is a shining pearl of ancient Chinese culture. The cooperation between Dunhuang Museum and Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage is a successful practice in spreading Dunhuang culture. At present, Lenovo personal cloud storage T2 has been pre-sale on the whole network, and it will officially go on sale at 0:00 on May 10. The Lenovo personal cloud storage T2 Dunhuang Museum co-branded model has also opened an appointment and will be officially listed in June. In addition, Lenovo's Qreator 27 display is priced at 3,999 yuan (USD $571) , and the initial price of 3,899 yuan (USD $557) can be enjoyed before May 11.