Jiangsu Telecom's three gigabit guardian smart home, so that life is no longer stuck

According to statistics, the average home networking device reaches 12 units. Recently, the three gigabit network launched by Jiangsu Telecom has realized the faster gigabit speed of the whole house and a stable network environment with seamless indoor and outdoor connections. The whole house Gigabit brought by Jiangsu Telecom's three-gigabit network uses the most advanced FTTR access technology to allow optical fiber access to each room, combined with WiFi6 technology, to achieve Gigabit coverage in the whole house, and no more information. Dead ends. Because of its excellent performance and massive content, Tianyi HD has been loved by a large number of users, with more than 12 million users, and China Telecom Jiangsu has become the largest network TV operator in Jiangsu. The future has come, and it is quietly changing our lives. With the continuous advancement of the 5G era, the depth and breadth of smart life will gradually increase. Jiangsu Telecom will continue to provide high-quality home products and scene applications to help families live a better life.