JD 618 "Milestone" Trophy Pisheng has sold over 50 million mobile phone accessories

Ingenuity to create quality accessories products to meet the diverse needs of users As a representative brand in the field of mobile phone accessories, Pinsheng has a long-standing reputation and has been deeply involved in the field of 3C and smart phone accessories for more than 17 years. As of June 2020, PISEN has more than 7,000 offline physical stores, has sold more than 100 million mobile phone data lines, and has annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan. Therefore, as early as 2017, Pinsheng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with JD.com, committed to allowing consumers to buy power bank products with both discounts and quality. The sales milestones demonstrate the cooperation and friendship, and we will go hand in hand and set off again. Thanks to the tacit cooperation between Pinsheng and JD.com, Pinsheng's sales on JD.com are also bright, with cumulative sales of more than 50 million mobile phone accessories! It can be said that the sales "milestone" trophy is a clear proof of the achievements of the two cooperation.