It's beautiful and stylish, it's really fragrant to play with Unbounded 16.1-inch large screen Light and Shadow 7

I recently wanted to buy a new notebook because I have used it for four or five years. Not only the boot speed is slow as a snail, but the running application is often stuck and inefficient, and the body is heavy and inconvenient to carry around. Although the necessary conditions are there, but after a period of inspection, no suitable ones are found, so no orders have been placed for a long time. Although it is a brand-new mold, this VICTUS Light and Shadow Elf 7 has excellent genes from the OMEN family, so it looks delicate in appearance, but has fierce power inside. The VICTUS Light and Shadow Wizard 7 benefits from the optimized design of the fuselage. The actual fuselage is close to 15.6-inches, so the overall volume of the fuselage is not large, which is also to take into account its portability. Light and Shadow Wizard 7 also added a performance control mode for the first time. There are three modes: quiet, balanced and violent, corresponding to which there are three different performance schemes for players to choose.