Is Tesla the best car in the world?

The acceleration time from 100 kilometers is 2.1 seconds, the top speed is 322 kilometers per hour, the EPA endurance is 628 kilometers, and the 15-minute fast charge can supplement the 300 kilometers endurance. The size of the radiator is doubled, allowing Model S Plaid to eject and accelerate multiple times. The Tesla Model S is priced at US$122,990 in the US market and RMB 1.0599 million in the Chinese market. The steering wheel has also been redesigned, similar to the conjugate steering wheel of a racing car, the design of cutting off the upper half of the steering wheel is more conducive to providing an open line of sight to the driver when assisting driving. In addition, the gear lever was cancelled. Tesla claims that Model S can automatically shift gears. When Jiashiz sits in the car and depresses the brake pedal, the car will automatically determine the direction of travel and engage the corresponding gear. Perhaps Tesla feels that the appearance of Model S is good enough. The change in Tesla's brand image may mean that the market demand for the new Model S will not reproduce the extremely good-looking and decent scene of the year.