Is he worthy of the strategic investment from the Ningde era?

Getting what you need is the main theme of strategic investment. Subsequently, AIWAYS confirmed the news and revealed that the two parties will jointly develop the next generation of power batteries. As the world's number one company in power battery shipments, CATL has been gaining momentum recently. Ai Chi's backwardness is a comprehensive backwardness from a strategic perspective. After achieving mass production and delivery, AIWAYS U5 successfully entered the EU market. It was the first domestic new car company to export to EU countries in large quantities. AIWAYS U5 had completed 1056 customs clearance in the first quarter of 2021. After obtaining the investment from CATL, AIWAYS's share price is expected to exceed US$2 billion. In the "China Unicorn Enterprise Research Report 2021" recently released by Great Wall Strategic Consulting, AIWAYS ranks 82nd and 7th in the category of new energy and smart cars.