iPad mini Pro exposure: full screen design, M1 processor blessing

The new iPad Pro has been released at the spring new product launch, and the iPad mini that many fans are looking forward to will also come soon, but maybe the full-screen form that everyone is looking forward to will meet you in another form, that is, the iPad mini Pro may be launched in the first half of the year. iPad mini Pro will be equipped with an 8.7-inch display, the same full-screen design as the iPad Pro, the processor may use A14 bionic or M1, and will also support 5G networks. This iPad mini Pro will not be an enlarged version of the iPad mini, but more like the iPad Pro after it has been reduced. In terms of price, the iPad mini Pro may start at $649, which is between the iPad Air 4 64GB Wi-Fi version and the iPad mini 5 256GB cellular version. Many users use iPad mini 5 to play games, so if the iPad mini Pro is plugged into M1, it will be more suitable for playing games. The flagship of small screen performance is about to become, this wave of Apple can sell out again. If you like digital technology information, remember to click to subscribe.