Insufficient supply of LCD panels, TV prices have risen significantly recently

Recently, TV prices have risen significantly, which has aroused heated discussions among netizens. Affected by factors such as the price increase of upstream panels, the average sales price of flat-panel TVs is expected to increase during the May 1st period. What do people say? The TV industry is fiercely competitive, with endless low prices, and consumers are also getting dividends from them. However, this situation has now reversed. With the increase in LCD panel prices, the era of low TV prices has already occurred. In the end, more and more manufacturers could not bear the pressure of cost and announced the increase of TV prices. Consumers who want to buy TVs must pay more. According to industry forecasts, the supply-demand relationship will continue to be tight in the first half of the year, panel prices are expected to continue to rise, and price increases will continue until June. In the second half of the year, affected by the slowdown in demand and the increase in supply capacity, supply and demand have stabilized and gradually become loose, and panel prices will have a chance of callback.