In the matter of buying this book, I have something to say to newcomers in the workplace

As a newcomer in the workplace, an office notebook that can be carried with you is indispensable. Requirements for newcomers in the workplace 1: The price is suitable for mainstream performance. New employees who have just hired asked me whether I want to buy a laptop with a high-end model three or five years ago. At the same time, you can choose up to 1TB large-capacity high-speed solid-state hard drive, which can store a large amount of material even for post video editing. In terms of portability, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook has sharply reduced the thickness of the fuselage to 16.9mm at the beginning of the design, the length of the fuselage is also reduced by 3.8mm, the width is reduced by 8.5mm, and the weight of the product is correspondingly lighter to 1.41kg. Easily put into the backpack, it will not bring burden to the line. In summary, facing the question of "what brand of laptop is good to buy" raised by newcomers in the workplace, the Star 14 high-performance lightweight notebook designed for young people gives a standard answer.